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We believe that every professional deserves to find the ideal opportunity for their career.​


Place the right people in the right place

Yes Talent is a company formed by people who believe that every professional deserves to find the ideal opportunity for their career.

People who are motivated and challenged in the right way produce more and are happier, creating a virtuous circle of exponential results.

We combine technologies with human relationships to bring to life our purpose of advising our clients so that together we can make the world a better place, with motivated, productive people with shared purposes with our clients.

More than closing vacancies, we deliver value to our clients by recruiting the best profiles available on the market for their demands.

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Long-term partnerships​

We value each professional in the process, with a human and respectful look during interviews, telephone approaches or analyzing CVs on our vacancy portal.

Our approach is simple and takes into account a teaching available in the world for more than 2 thousand years: treat others as we would like to be treated.


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“Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but when touching a human soul, be just another human soul.”

Carl Jung

Vision and Experience​

Our focus is on career transitions with challenges in the weighted amount that candidates can bring their best results. In this way, we promote changes in people’s lives that bring benefits to all their social relationships, increasing the chances of exponential results for our clients.

Our experience of two decades helping large, medium and small companies in different segments of the economy helps us identify potential for leadership, development and business direction to accelerate results and enhance good career transitions. Over the years, our work methodology has proven to be very effective and with rework rates always lower than 1%.

Interviews and Technology

Interview methodology: Our interview methodology brings a holistic view of the professional. We conduct interviews by phone, videoconference and in person, when necessary. We go beyond technical and behavioral analysis. Our focus is to understand, in a human way, the moment in life of our candidates and their family structure for a global vision of their career.

Technology and Management: Since the beginning of our operation, our team has used cloud-based ATS/CRM systems offering information availability and transparency with clients and candidates, with security and data protection policies. For us, technology makes bureaucracy easier so that we can have more time to talk to people at work and at home, with friends and family.

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