Custom Solutions

People are unique and so are their demands.

We understand that each client is unique and that is why we are able to design a solution made especially for you.

Listening to our customers, we created the possibility of adding or deleting steps in our traditional solutions: executive search, specialized recruitment, executive mapping and executive assessment.


Executive Mapping

This product was born from demands from our customers who wanted to better understand the market in which they operate and the positioning of their competitors. Through executive mapping it is possible to get to know the people behind the success of each target company. This is a strategic product for organizations in different situations, providing an answer to these business questions:


Executive Assessment​

This solution is widely used to develop an in-depth analysis of professionals who are on the team and understand their strengths, development opportunities, points to develop or gaps for a specific chair or role in the organization.

As part of our evaluation process, we use world-class tools, with a strong conceptual basis and validation standards aligned with the Brazilian population.

The Assessment solution is recommended as a tool to support decision-making on the following topics:​

Tailor-made solutions​

Understand to better attend: our consultants, in contact with your demands, will be able to design a specific solution for your needs.

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