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Yes Talent is consistently positioned to meet the needs of companies in the energy and construction segments. Our experience of almost two decades helping large, medium and small companies in the energy and construction segment helps us identify potential for leadership, development and business direction to accelerate results and enhance good career transitions.


Energy & Costruction

We are able to help you identify internal and external talent through clear processes that bring engagement to meet and exceed expectations. Whether your company is a startup, a small business or a well-established corporation, it is your ability to attract, develop and retain the best leaders that will be your lever for long-term growth.

Our Energy & Construction practice is segmented into the following sub-sectors:

Nossa prática de Energia & Construção está segmentada nos seguinte sub-setores:

Segments served: real estate (purchase and sale of land and properties), civil construction (houses, buildings, etc.), heavy construction and infrastructure (energy, sanitation, highways, ports, airports) and property & facilities (asset administration, building and facilities services).

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