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Specialist in recruiting talent for agribusiness, Yes Talent believes that Brazilian geography, when combined with the right amount of sun and combined with abundant natural resources such as water and fertile soil, favor the country as a source of the main products for human consumption. We talk about proteins, grains, meats, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables. These factors give Brazil a global competitive advantage in the agribusiness industry.


Basis of the Economy‚Äč

On the world market, Brazil is recognized for the production of vital commodities such as soybeans, corn, oils and cotton for the manufacture of natural fibers. The country is also a center of excellence in the production of sugar cane, genetics, biotechnology, coffee, beef and poultry. The challenge has always been to add value to commodities that used to be exported to add value outside the country. And there are two paths to this: people and technology.

With the digital era arriving in the countryside, agrotechs bring innovation and precision to agriculture, beef and dairy farming, slaughterhouses and slaughterhouses, etc. The search for professionals in these segments has ranged from technical digital programming profiles to senior professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders with business vision and, above all, proven people management skills to ensure the sustainable growth of companies.

Recruitment in agribusiness: soil nutrition, foliar nutrition (fertilizers), animal nutrition, production of soybeans, corn, cotton, pesticides, precision agriculture, biological products, cooperatives, slaughterhouses, grain trading companies, irrigation, livestock, seeds, plants .

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