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The industrial segment is vast and spread across multiple sub-categories. Their main differences are in the type of technology used, their application, their products, etc. However, a mega trend in the segment came to change the game: the internet of things (IoT) or, if you prefer, Industry 4.0.

These terms designate the fusion of two revolutionary forces. In its origins, the industry began with the disruption brought by machines in the industrial revolution. Now, the disruption comes from IT, Big Data and the Internet.


Digital Transformation and Management

Agility and looking ahead is the watchword for innovative organizations that are combining the two revolutions to connect machines, components and information systems along the entire value chain. Never before seen levels of customization are now possible thanks to this technological revolution.

With all this, new challenges arise and a new leadership profile is necessary. Professionals with the ability to transform complex scenarios in a light way across different organizational, geographic and conceptual cultures.

Segments served: logistics, auto parts, aviation, chemicals, automotive, cellulose and paper, packaging, capital goods, machinery and equipment, agricultural groups, resales, oil and gas.

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